How to find web element that doesn’t contain ID identifier

How many ways we can find a web element ?Is their is only one way i.e ‘findTestObject’ to find web element ?

For example :

Lets assume a web element doesn’t contain id .How we can handle this type of Scenario

<input class=“form-control form-control-solid placeholder-no-fix form-group” type=“text” autocomplete=“off” placeholder=“Username” name=“userName” required=“” aria-required=“true”>

Hi Umar,

findTestObject('katalon_test_object_id') is a method that Katalon uses to read all test object properties in local storage.

By default, Katalon will compose all active test object’s properties to identify a web element. Please read our document here. In your case, please identify the test object’s xpath and add a property name xpathwith your captured value follow to the guide.

Another way is using raw selenium. Please use DriverFactory.getWebDriver() to get the current WebDriver and identify web element by your own way.