How to delete data-driven data on katalon recorder?

When I import data into data driven, when I load csv after each run I want it to delete the first row of the excel file right in the addon then what?Can someone help me. I just learned about it

Hi, you can’t directly interact with local file from browser, it’s blocked because of security reasons. But there is a way to workaround this problem. You can use “Katalon Helper Tool”. You can read about and download it from:

It’s small server that listens on 18910 port and execute OS command.

So when you want to delete line from file you just use command open with target set to:

and after “=” sign you can use “powershell deletingFirstLineScript.ps1”
and obviously you need to create powershell script named “deletingFirstLineScript.ps1” which will delete this line.

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