How to Create Emulators through Katalon

Hi Team ,
Is it possible to create Emulators through Katalon ,?? If so how to create it .

By Default Android SDK is getting downloaded . From where we can download the ADT ? to get the Android Virtual Device Manager.

The AVD manager comes with Android Studio. It’s available in the Tools menu and should come with at least one device by default.

My work around for me was to install Android studio. Use it to run one of demo tests with an emulator. This allows KS to see the emulator instance and use it. I actually had two different instances and ran a collection once on one device and then on the other


Hi Vincent, I’m attempting to do the same thing. Right now I’ve upgraded KS to the latest and I can get it to see the emulator I have running in Android Studio, but I can’t get it to work with the application installed there. I tried specifying /Users/williamhoke/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools/ but it gave an error when trying to connect.

I’m trying to get it to open that GE ME app. Do you happen to know any simple troubleshooting steps I could try just to confirm that KS will work with this Android Studio emulator? Thanks! Will