How to create an array, config file for variables

Hello there,

Do you know a good way to create something like an array or config file for my variables from site that i want to test?
I have 6 websites that are working on hmm… , same layout. On those sites are many articles, what i want to do is to have one test or feature files that for example test left part of the article (on left part for example is author name, category, social media etc.). And i want to this one test, works for all the 6 sites beacuse they are exactly the same, only content is changing (for example author name).

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did you consider using execution profiles? Honestly I don’t completely understand your situation, but it seems like a viable solution.

You can create one for each environment with same variables, but different values.

Hello again,
I will give you live example.

Here are 2 link for articles on websites that i need to test. As you can see those 2 websites works on the same code, layout call it how you like. And as i said earlier, i want to have a test that will check if name of the author or social media or anything like that is present on site, I need to automate that in the way that if something will change in the article i wouldnt have to go to each single test for each single article and change something.

I see. I think execution profiles would be helpful. For example, create two environments (execution profiles):

  • SiteA
  • SiteB

There will be the same variables in both of them, let’s say AuthorsName, AuthorsTwitterId, AuthorsPicture and so on. And the value will be different in each environment.

Then, you’ll test each site on separate environment and verify, if there’s correct name for the environment.

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Hello again,
Thanks for you help, i have another problem now, not all my components seems to like those profiles.
Do you know what can casue that error?
Im attaching screenshots.


We’ll need to see all of this line:


It appears you’re passing TWO test objects to it - it only needs/expects one.

Also, you would do better if you used waitForElementVisible (not verifyElementPresent)

Here is the screenshot. What do you mean? I need to check if that element is present on the site.

Checking for presence merely means the element is in the DOM.

Checking (and waiting) for an element to be visible means it is present in the dom AND visible in the browser.

You decide which is needed in your test.

Okay, what about the previous proublem?

I answered that:

Hi guys again,
Im coming back with the same problem as eariler.
How i can pass only one object? I want to use a global variable but its like i have to give something in object rubric and its not working properly

Your Test Object is null. You must tell Katalon which TestObject it should wait for.

Okay, but as you can see, and as i was trying eariler, im getting this error.
As Russ said befor im now passing 2 test object and like the whole global variables lose meaning.
How can i only pass this one global variable?

If your Date global variable contains TestObject, then it is wrong.
Wait for element present method expects test object (what I am waiting for) and integer - timeout (how long I am waiting for).

You may want to use Date variable as TestObject (first parameter) and some number as timeout.

I dont get it. So what should my global variable conatin. The only way to select some object as variable is by selecting Test Object as vaule type


It’s OK, the problem is that you should call wait keyword like this: waitForElementPresent(GlobalVariable.Date, 5)

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