How to convert currency string "$23.99" to number or float 23.99

I get text from an Element which is “$23.99”. Now I want to perform some operation or verification on this text like number comparison or addition etc. How should i convert this to number / float i.e. 23.99.

Couldn’t you use ‘getText’, save that in an object that gets text containing the numbers ‘23.99’ and then save that object in a variable? Then refer to that variable when performing the comparison later?

Find text on page e.g. //*[contains(text(), ‘23.99’]

save that in an object e.g. priceObj

save to an output e.g. String price = WebUI.callTestCase(findTestCase(priceObj))

Refer to the price variable later on when making the addition or comparison

Perhaps, try one of the methods on the below page:,double%20primitive%20in%20no%20time.

Give us a report back if it works.

Another alternative is to use the String method, replace(). An example would be
someValue = someValue.replace("$", “”);

Maybe after replacing the dollar sign, you can use the conversion of String to Double such as in the first link.

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I used below approach:

  1. I created a custom keyword with below code:
    public static BigDecimal parseCurrencyToFloat(final String amt, final Locale locale) throws Exception {
    final NumberFormat format = NumberFormat.getNumberInstance(locale);
    if (format instanceof DecimalFormat) {
    ((DecimalFormat) format).setParseBigDecimal(true);
    return (BigDecimal) format.parse(amt.replaceAll("[^\d.,]",""));

  2. Called this keyword with below statements:
    BigDecimal creditsNumber = CustomKeywords.‘general.Conversions.parseCurrencyToFloat’(creditsAvailable, Locale.US)
    //Pass the different currency values here Like Locale.US, Locale.FRANCE

// Printing this shows only numbers and i can perform operations on it.

This resolved my purpose of getting text and performing number operations.

Let me know if this is an efficient solution of using BigDecimal.


can change Double to other types

and also can store as var

String myVar = println(Double.parseDouble(WebUI.getText(findTestObject