How to capture Class = "text_field apex-item-text my_class apex_disabled" value

I am able to see the Text in Web page but in Inpect i am unable to get the value.

Please guide me that how we will get the text which is not persent in HTML but in webpage screen ?

Have tried to use the Verify text Persent function which doesnt help.

There are four ways I know of to place text on the screen without using HTML elements and/or textContent directly:

  1. Images

  2. Canvas elements

  3. SVG elements

  4. CSS content: "some text" via pseudo classes like :before and :after

None of the above will let you verify text using WebUI methods in a regular test. You may need to use Visual testing…

Please share a screenshot of the page and also the relevant HTML.


The screenshot is not enough


 "<div class="t-Form-inputContainer col col-2"><input type="text" id="P317__CONSENT" name="P317__CONSENT" class="text_field apex-item-text my_class apex_disabled" value="" size="30" maxlength="" disabled="">
    <span id="P317__CONSENT_error_placeholder" class="a-Form-error" data-template-id="5324432859594930_ET"></span></div> "