How to automation for mobile web by katalon

I used katalon for automaiton in mobile app, website, but i don’t know how to automation for mobile web by katalon. Can you help me?

Hi Mithun,

This is posted as an answer, but seems more like question. Currently Katalon is only for Native applications and requires the user to load the apk of the native app to be tested. I am responding because I am facing a similar issue and I was thinking if I could download the chrome apk on my phone and pretend I am testing the Chrome app, then maybe I would be able to create a test for a responsive web app using chrome. When I downloaded the APK, I was unable to launch it. When I googled how to access the natively installed chrome APK it said I needed root, which I do not have.


Maehtt C

In the drop down section only Native App option is there to Spy/Record the application…How can launch Chrome Browser in my Mobile …using Catalon?

You can use your web application test scripts and then select the appropriate device for mobile web automation

is there meanwhile a solution to test web applications on mobile devices?

That’s a good question. I’m a newbie but i think that should be posible. Chromedriver for selenium can do it so i guess it shoud be possible with some custom configuration.

any expeter could give as an answer?

this is a good answer, record on browser, execute on device