How to ask Katalon find the web element automatically and click

Hi All,

I am using the Katalon Studio free trial to test on my company website. However, the page is quite big where we actually need to scroll up and down in the browser while manual testing.

When I run the automated script, the Katalon seems not able to scroll to the web element itself in the browser and showing me error message of couldn’t click the specific web element. Does anyone experienced it before or has any method to solve?

Thanks in advance.

Possibly you need to use this:

May I ask what does the integer meant in the scrollToElement?

For example the 3 in WebUI.scrollToElement(findTestObject(‘Page_CuraHomepage/btn_MakeAppointment’), 3)

Hi @yu.ting.tan, it’s the timeout: System will wait at most timeout (seconds) to return the result

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I see, thanks for your reply and also thanks to @kazurayam

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