How to add variables to object value?

I would appreciate if anybody can come up with a solution for the following scenario:

  1. 1) User creates a unique transaction
  2. 2) We store the transaction 'Date/Time' as a variable
  3. 3) Go to the list of transactions
  4. 4) Need to find this particular transaction out of many by using the text() attribute Something like: //div[@class='cx-item-md-3' and contains(text(),'${CheckInTimestamp}')]In our current tool we store the time-stamp as a variable CheckInTimestamp and then try to find and open a transaction containing the same time-stamp.Thanks!

Hi, you probably haven’t set default alias for WebUIBuiltInKeywords class. Try to add this line:

import com.kms.katalon.core.webui.keyword.WebUiBuiltInKeywords as WebUI

Or use full class name for static click method:


Hi Vinh Nguyen,

we followed the steps, you suggested but still get an error in the last line of code. Have you ever seen that before ? > unexpected token: WebUi


Have you read through this topic: In your case you will need to adjust the code a little bit by using xpath instead:

lnk_EditEvent.findProperty('xpath').setValue(//div[@class='cx-item-md-3′ and contains(text(), CheckInTimestamp)])

In the next release, this will be a native support so that you won’t have to spend so many efforts in writing code like this.