How to add Oauth 1.0 authorization header before sending the REST call


I need to use twitters API for testing but Katalon does not support Oauth 1.0 only basic.

Twitter does not support basic auth. How do i update the authorization headers in the rest call with a header that is formated for Oauth 1.0

The header is as follows:

Key: Authorization

Value: OAuth oauth_consumer_key=“hhhhhh1dNWin0KRL44dO38mY”,oauth_token=“8659809897654592-UVCIgwfnnfnnfv5YdAEJ0hNeQKMRjDatk”,oauth_signature_method=“HMAC-SHA1”,oauth_timestamp=“1498144561”,oauth_nonce=“F2grssswbfF”,oauth_version=“1.0”,oauth_signature=“ho9lJVlkPas,hkbaSLKCBALSCscsdh”

How do i generate this header using java or groovy?

Libries available - Twitter4j, Twitscript, Scribe for java. not sure how to use them.

Note: the credentials above are not valid.

Hi Hanh Tran

This is good news!!! Thank you for the update.

For now i am using signedrequest4j to generate the Oauth1.0 header but I am excited that Katalon studio is integrating it.


Hi there,

Oauth 1.0 support will be available in our next release 4.8. Please wait until there to have a better support regard to oath 1.0 authorization.