How to access button functions using access key


In my application, there is an option to access ‘Save’ or ‘Clear’ function using an access key like Alt+S or Alt+C.

But I am not able to simulate using Katalon studio. Does anyone have any idea how to access button functionality using access keys?

did you try use
WebUI.sendKeys(TO, Keys.chord(Keys.ALT, 's'))
WebUI.sendKeys(TO, Keys.chord(Keys.ALT, 'c'))
where TO is test object that can consume your keystrokes

dont forget to
import org.openqa.selenium.Keys

Thanks for the solution, but it doesn’t work in my application. This application is designed for IE 11 using .NET Web forms

there is one more chance, using

to automate native system inputs … like keyboard…
we are using this to login to PowerBI application with native windows dialog