How map Gherkin "Given" statement with Step Definition File

Feature File

#Sample Feature Definition Template


Feature: Login Feature

As a user, I want to login to Vroozi System

so that I can make an appointment.


Scenario Outline: Login with a valid credential

Given I navigate to Cura System homepage

When I click Make Appointment button

Then I should be able to login successfully  

Step Definition

class testLogin {


* The step definitions below match with Katalon sample Gherkin steps


@Given(“I navigate to Cura System homepage”)

def I_navigate_to_Cura_System_homepage() {


WebUI.callTestCase(findTestCase(‘Purchase Express/Core/PMAN/OpenPMANLandingPage’), [:], FailureHandling.STOP_ON_FAILURE)


The browser is not opening. When I execute the code in katalon

Here are the console logs:

09-07-2018 04:15:37 PM - [START] - Start Test Case : Verification

09-07-2018 04:15:38 PM - [START] - Start action : runFeatureFile

09-07-2018 04:15:38 PM - [INFO] - Starting run keyword runFeatureFile: ‘Include/features/Login.feature’ and extract report to folder: ‘C:\Users\WARISS~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Katalon\Include\features\Login.feature\20180907_161536/cucumber_report/1536318938268’…

0 Scenarios

0 Steps


09-07-2018 04:15:40 PM - [PASSED] - Feature file: ‘Include/features/Login.feature’ was passed

09-07-2018 04:15:40 PM - [END] - End action : runFeatureFile

09-07-2018 04:15:40 PM - [PASSED] - Verification accomplished successfully

09-07-2018 04:15:40 PM - [END] - End Test Case : Verification

Any solution to this problem? I am facing the same issue.

I’m moving this to the BDD category where it will get more notice

… 6 months later … Issue with having to include an Examples section in test maybe?
If not that, closing Katalon, deleting bin and Lib folders and restarting often helped me when in BDD despair.