How do I run single script on two different url/environment in katalon

i have a script a which i want to run on two different urls, but not parallel. When I run the script it should give me some pop up or ask to select on which url i want to run my script. Is there any feature available in katalon studio.


I also have same question ? did you get answer for this or solution ?

The easiest way is to create a Global Variable and set it to your URL. When you need to switch environment, change the URL. For my example, it’s set to When I need to validate in the staging environment, I change it to, The tests don’t need to be changed and take on the value.
You set the Global Variable using the blue X on the far right hand side by the Job Progress and Console buttons.
For example, create something called baseurl. Then in your tests, use that to open the root of the site. You can append additional text to the url.
For example:
WebUI.navigateToUrl(GlobalVariable.baseurl + “/forum”)

This shows a pretty good example. Scroll down to Global Variables.

PLS have a look at this:
Hope this helps.

The link I wanted didn’t come through correctly. But this explains Global Variables and sets the SiteURL
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