How can I use Katalon studio for mobileweb testing using device emulation ? Say for Android on Samsung galaxy S20 ultra

We are evaluating Katalon Studio for our project.

We have an eCommerce Website, which needs to be tested both on desktop and mobile web as well.
Right now, using Selenium 4 and Chrome Developer Protocol CDP, I am able to emulate a device like for Android on Samsung galaxy S20 ultra.

If we adopt Katalon Studio Enterprise version, whether we can use it for mobileweb testing(NOT native app) ?

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Welcome to our community. Sure, you can definitely use KSE for mobile web testing, on Samsung galaxy S20 ultra specifically. Please refer to:

Thank you!

Thanks for your quick response.
I am trying to use Katalon Run time Engine, because we need to integrate with another toolcalled WorkSoft using command line option. For that I downloaded the KRE and generated the command using Command Builder

katalonc -noSplash -runMode=console -projectPath="C:\Users\venutalapat\Katalon Studio\ZekelmanDemo\ZekelmanDemo.prj" -retry=0 -testSuitePath="Test Suites/DemoFolder/CustomerSalesOrderSuite" -browserType="Chrome" -executionProfile="default" -apiKey="cf7db049-9bd7-4a60-85b3-0225e831bf16" -testOpsProjectId=1424217 --config -proxy.auth.option=NO_PROXY -proxy.system.option=NO_PROXY -proxy.system.applyToDesiredCapabilities=true -webui.autoUpdateDrivers=true

I executed the above command from with in the KRE folder from the DOS prompt, got the following output…

Start getting machine ID on Windows
Unable to get machine ID by CMD, used hardware serial number instead.
Start appending additional signatures
End appending additional signatures 5CG3122G8N__venutalapat
End getting machine ID on Windows bbc1e50ccce108e5657051a8849389b8
Start activating offline…
Search for valid offline licenses in folder: C:\Users\venutalapat.katalon\license
The number of valid offline licenses: 0
Start activating online…
Failed to activate with Katalon Runtime Engine license. Free account can not execute the test. {“timestamp”:“2024-04-10T03:27:21.571+0000”,“status”:400,“error”:“Bad Request”,“message”:“Free account can not execute the test.”,“path”:“/api/v1/license-keys/activate”}
Failed to activate with TestCloud license.
Cannot execute this test suite. There is no Katalon Runtime Engine license available.
Start clean up session
End clean up session
Start release license task
End release license task
All launchers terminated

This essentially says that Free account can not execute the test. As I mentioned, I am using Katalon Studio Basic / Free version. I downloaded KSE once a long time back using my personal email and it has expired. I am now evaluating for my employer. So can I use my corporate email and install and use KSE one more time ?? OR is there a way use KRE using KS Basic / Free version ??

Thanks for your response.