How can i upload Images or Videos in Mobile?

Hi Team,

For Example One scenario, In the mobile app, if I click upload button means I have to upload images or videos.

Now note this scenario when i click upload button lot of gallery app installed in mobile is opened, here how I can automate this option and also how can I set the common upload file for a mobile app?

is any update regarding this??

@pranesh I also have the same blocker, I have a mobile app, in which I want to upload an image as a profile photo. @Katalon_team how can I do this. and also i want file path to be as parameter.
now i can upload a specific image file ( for which i have captured mobile element by spy mobile).
but i need it like WebUI.uploadfile keyword( in which path is parameterised) in MobileUI

@Katalon_team if there is any workaround , please let me know


Can you share a recording video of the AUT when upload file to your app?

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In some of my test cases I have added an if statement for the scenario you have shared in screenshot 2 i.e. if Complete action using Gallery is visible, tap JUST ONCE else tap Photos else if Complete action using Photos is visible, tap JUST ONCE.

I have a separate test case that deletes all images off the device and I use it as a precondition so the test environment has no other images on the device. I also have another test case that will take a photo with the camera and create an image. I can then use the captured image to do interactions like upload/share.