How can I map custom keyword to buitin keyword

I create a new custom keyword SetText, how can I map this custom keyword SetText to builtin keyword SetText?
If we have no mapping, we have to manually modify builtin keyword to custom keyword when we have a new record.


I suppose meta programming in Groovy can help with this ?

What do you mean “map this custom keyword to the builtin keyword”?

Do you want to completely replace the implementation of WebUI.setText(TestObject) with the one you created?

Why do you want to do it? You can call your one by one line: CustomKeywords.'your.package.YourClass.setText'(TestObject). Why isn’t it enough?

Anyway, the following Katalon Studio project of mine may give you some hint:

Especially the pandemic() method of

shows an example of applying Groovy metaprogramming technique to modify the behavior of Katalon Studio’s built-in keywords.

I need to always manually modify builtin keyword to my custom keywords when I use katalon to record a new testcase, which katalon will use the default builtin keyword . If I do that,it will be waste of time.

Thanks for you reply, it’s very helpful for me :grin:

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thanks, maybe it will be helpul for me