How can I handle select tags with attribute style="display: none;"

For select tags with style=“display: none;” attribute, I cannot use selectOptionByLabel or Index

When I click the arrow mark on the right side of the Kit Family textbox, all the values in the select tag are displayed, but I can’t use selectOptionByLabel or Index to select those values, please help me give some advice.
This is my code:

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You shouldn’t because they are not visible on the screen.

Can you right click on the combo-box and select “Inspect”? Do this a second time and the HTML code for the combo-box object should display. Does it also have style, “display: none”? Or is it under the “input” tag?

Edit: If the HTML that gets displayed does not have a <select> tag, then you cannot use the various statements, selectOptionByLabel(), selectOptionByValue() nor selectOptionByIndex(). If this is the case, then we will need more HTML of what does display.


If you aren’t aware, you’re dealing with Kendo UI. Notice the outer span in your screenshot has the class k-dropdown-wrap. This element wraps everything that concerns the visible dropdown and includes the display:none select element, too.

The stuff you’re looking for is very likely inside the span element I highlighted in YELLOW.

Open that span and post a screenshot of what’s inside it.

Hi Grylion, I can’t see the html of the dropdown list when using Inspect.

Hi Russ, that span tag is an arrow button.

Use Firefox. Send the same screenshots again.