How can I create a main window (frame) for my script?

I want to create a main window (frame?) and add some labels and buttons with actions. Like “Find this and click”, “Find this and get text” etc. Is this possible with Katalon Studio?

If yes, can someone give an example, a link anything? How can I set the “main frame” and make it show up? Is it something like JOptionPane.showOptionDialog or something?

I apologize if my questions look silly to you but I am new to all this… :disappointed:

Thank you in advance!!!

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Okay I made it work so to understand how things go but in my case I would like to open an empty frame, form(?), window(?). I don’t know how to name it and put some components in there. Labels, buttons, checkboxes etc… In that case, should I use JDialog instead of JOptionPane? Can I have a code example of an empty frame with just a label in it?

Thank you for your time!!!

I don’t know.

Please search Google with key “Java Swing” etc.

Okay thank you!!!

Edit: Can you please reopen the topic? Maybe someone else knows the answer.