How can I connect my katalon project to a postgreSQL database?

Two part question:
I’ve been through a lot of tutorials and read a lot of documentation, but I can’t seem to import the right library in order to connect to the postgreSQL database used at my company…I’d love a sample script if the syntax is very different from existing SQL and mySQL script based database connections.

There is an option to establish a global database connection (Project > Settings > Database). I’ve tested my connection → “Connection successful!” BUT, I haven’t come across any documentation for using that global connection. I would hope there would be something like this:

import org.postgresql.jdbc

Connection connect = DriverManager.getConnection(GLOBAL_DATABASE_CONNECTION).

//Where the information that I’ve set in my settings are used to open a connection

//Then I could use something like

ResultSet results = connect.createStatement().executeQuery(‘this is my query string’)

In sum:

What are my options here?

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