How are AI tools such as ChatGPT helping with your work or life?

Recently found this post on Reddit which seems interesting:

(7) How is ChatGPT helping with your work? : softwaretesting (

As the title of the Reddit post suggests, how have AI tools like ChatGPT help you in your daily testing activities? Are there any aspect of the testing lifecycle that you feel AI tools could, or already, enhance? Or any other areas where AI is still lacking?

And if you do not use AI in Testing, then what other areas in your work or personal life have you applied such tools on? Let us know below :point_down:

I personally use ChatGPT for research and learning purposes, although a lot of the provided information can’t be treated as a source of truth and need verification (sometimes it even gives incorrect facts). It also helps a lot in tasks where I need to write or create content.

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As for me, I use the Bing Chatbot a LOT, mostly because registering for a ChatGPT account requires a US-based phone number and I do not have one, but also because using it would allow me to rack up my Microsoft Rewards points :medal_sports:

While the chatbot itself it a bit slower than ChatGPT when it comes to generating answers (and it also froze on me on numerous occasions - though recent updates have made it a lot better), it always include some hyperlinks in its answers which make it rather convenient to fact check.

And one more use case that I am exploring is using it to help with my German language learning. We all know English and German share a common Germanic root, so that must make German a rather easy language for an English speaker to learn, right?

…well just take a look at the gif below when I asked Bing to generate a table with all variety of the words “the” and “a/an” in English :woozy_face:

Screen Recording 2023-05-16 at 23.57.48

… And then I would have to memorize said table, and a plethora of personal pronouns and possessive articles in different cases, like some form of incantation

I am officially defeated by the Germans’ love of sticking words together :woozy_face:

And lo and behold now I know that the Bing chatbot could even identify and analyze images in websites. I do wonder if it was just reading from the alt text or not :thinking: