gotoLabel and gotoIf working sporadically

I have an odd issue where gotoLabel and gotoIf work only sporadically. I’ll run the script once, and it will properly skip. I run it again right after, and it won’t. There are several in my script, and the number that will work is random - sometimes 1, 2, or 3. However, once it stops working, it doesn’t seem to work again for the rest of the script. If I slow down the speed, it’s more likely more will work.

My code is reasonably long, but not terribly complicated. Here’s a sample that works sporadically.

loadVars | content_data.csv | 
open | ${CustomerInstance} |
uncheck | name=public_banks_privs_27_all[] | 
uncheck | name=public_banks_privs_535_all[] | 
click | id=btn_submit | 
gotoIf | "${ProductName}"=="First Product" | FIRST PRODUCT
gotoIf | "${ProductName}"=="Second Product" | SECOND PRODUCT
gotoIf | "${ProductName}"=="Third Product" | THIRD PRODUCT
label | FIRST PRODUCT | 
select | id=assessment_series | label=First Product Bundle / Great Bundle
select | id=sharing_actions | label=Purchased
click | id=btn_submit_config | 
pause | 10000 | 
select | id=assessment_series | label=Second Product Bundle
click | id=btn_submit_config | 
pause | 10000 | 
select | id=assessment_series | label=ETTA*
click | id=btn_submit | 
gotoLabel | END | 
label | THIRD PRODUCT | 
select | id=assessment_series | label=Third Product / Good Bundle
click | id=btn_submit_config | 
pause | 10000 | 
label | END | 
endLoadVars |  | 

The sporadic nature makes it seem like a bug to me. The process should be repeatable. But there are no error messages and things process like usual.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi @jlupoli
Can you share the source code of gotoLabel and gotoIf ? Is this a keyword ? I can fix it if needed
Many Thanks bro

Hi, are You really sure it doesn’t work?? I had similar problem but in my case it worked like this: in first run katalon go through all the commands (and mark then green) but it didn’t execute them if the “if” statement is false.
At the second run it skip (jump over) certain commands according to “if” statement