Global variables in Authorization username and password


Noob question from someone just starting to use Katalon Studio for API testing.
I am using basic Authorization for each request. The username and password is the same for all requests, however in the future it may change. When it does, I don’t want to go through each request and update it with the new username and password.

How can I do this? Can I use Global Variables for username and password?


Yes you can. Many ways to do this but one method is this:

You have profile global variables, you can also call in variables from a spreadsheet which can be a file such as excel or a locally built one.

Hello @B_L

Thank you for confirming there is a way to to do this,
what is the syntax required?
ive tried the following with no succes:

Ive also tried other combinations making sure ived added them to the variables tab.

Found a work around, just saved the authentication token to a variable. and made use of different variables for different environments.

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But how did you use the variables in the username and password text boxes?

You can use variables only in HTTP Header for this purpose.
The Authorization tab is only a helper to create/update this value.
Since you are asking for username:password I guess you are using Basic authentication.

To use a Global Variable in this scope, you must first create one, let’s say with the name credentials
Now you have to create an Authorization header field with a value like Basic ${GlobalVariable.credentials}

The value of the credentials variable must be the base64 encoding of the username:password string.

Or you can save the entire Basic (*blah(£" string to a variable if it is more convenient to you (and use the Authorization tab to quickly generate it)


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