Git shows many file diff after test is executed

We are managing Katalon project with Git.

When we execute a test, Katalon project produces many file diff, for example, last executed date.
This makes difficult to manage git with multiple developers.

Is there a nice solution?

We exclude the run history from our git because it gets HUGE. We also branch per developer and merge to a master every so often. This might not be the best solution but is the one I am currently using with my team.

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I’m afraid, the hint to the .gitignore file doesn’t help here, because this execution date is also constantly updated in Test Suite files (*.ts), which of course may contain relevant changes as well, which then of course should be committed.

When I came across this problem myself a few days ago, I found these helpful threads to Git filters, which I will probably also introduce in my Katalon projects:

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