Getting toast-type error

Hi I am getting the error in my tc in step 10

when i try to search a new stockroom created in dB; but for the old stockroom already present in dB. The error doesnt come. Pls refer image 1 and image 2.

I noticed that you specified timeout=0seconds for verifyElementPresent().

Why 0 seconds?

Why not you give 10 seconds instead?

Tried giving 10 sec also. Still that error is coming

This message tells that your Test Object is looking at a HTML element which you expect to select by a XPath

//div[@class = 'toast-item toast-type-error' and (text() = 'Stockroom for this name already exists' or .= 'Stockroom for this name already exists')]

Please check if this xpath is correct or not.

You need to look at the HTML source around the element you want to select. You may want to learn how to use Browser’s DevTool.

Please take the screenshot of the HTML source and share it to us.

Please check if the target HTML uses <iframe> element or not.