Getting parse error for cucumber step definition class


I’m getting parse error for cucumber step definition class. Below is the error message shown in Katalon -
Problem while Organize Imports: E%%Softwares%My PC Apps%Katalon Studio%Workspace%LearnCucumber%LearnCucumber.prj/Include/scripts/groovy/stepDef/LoginSteps.groovy has parse errors. No changes applied.

My system environments are -

Execution Environment

|OS:||Windows 7 64bit||
|Katalon version:||||
|Browser:||Chrome 78.0.3904.108||

Please suggest how to fix this issue.

Hi @appan12345,

Please share us the script of LoginSteps

I found the solution myself. The function name and the annotation glue code should be same and match with the step name in the feature file. In my case, it was not same which caused the issue. Thanks !!

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