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Hello, I’m new to Katalon and I need to resolve a question. In my system, we issue data-based PDF reports. My test boils down to comparing two values ​​present in a PDF report, for example: I need to check if the value “Total 1” is equal to the value “Total 2”, both present in the PDF report. Can I fetch this data from the PDF report using Katalon? How should I do?


Review some of the old ideas on this forum and see which one works for you:

And on other forums:

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Katalon Studio does not offer any built-in solution to get values of PDF file. You have to invent a solution for your self.

For example, the following article gives a quick example to convert a PDF to a text file.

Please try to get a text out of a PDF.

However, you would find the text file is a mess of character sequence, which is un-parsable. Therefore not reusable at all.

IMHO, PDF->Text conversion is not very useful.

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You can convert a PDF into an image.

Once you converted 2 PDF files into image files, then you can compare 2 image files and find a diff.

Using AShot you can create a diff image

like this:

The following shows my attempt in Katalon Studio to compile a visual diff reports of 2 PDF files downloaded from web:

I am afraid this project is hard for others to reuse, as it requires a lot of technical additives that Katalon Studio misses.

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