Get values from Data Type (Database Data)

Hi, I’ve created a Database Data connected succesfully with a MariaDB conexion, after execution query, results are stored (see attached Database Data).
How may I access to stored results in order to process them?
Specifically I need to get values from rows 1,2,3 and colum statuscode.
How may this be done?
I’ve tried without success retrieving results (see attached Test Case).
I’m using KS v.8.1.0 with KSE trial version.
Thanks in advanced!

Found the way to get it done.Just in case someone needed it…

You wrote:

def String NON_EU_GI = findTestData('Data Files/DB').getValue(2,1);

Alternatively you can write:

def String NON_EU_GI = findTestData('Data Files/DB').getValue("statuscode",1);

You can find the javadoc at

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