Get text from a dynamic list


I have a dynamic menu list, and I would like to get a list element text, but I don’t know how can I chose one of the elements and get its text. If I click on one element, the menu navigate to its page. But I don’t want this, just get the text of the menu list element and save it into a variable.

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Ok, I’ve fount how can it work.
Next question, can I cut somehow these texts into 2-3 parts, like in excel the “left” and “right” functions?

since under hood of Katalon is beating groovy heart you can use any of it:

Equivalent to Excel left:

def str = "CANDY"println str.take(2)   // CA

Equivalent to Excel right:

def str = "CANDY"println str.reverse().take(2).reverse()   // DY

For more examples of Groovy Substring operations, see

Thank you! :slight_smile: