Get rid of the "Your friends might like Studio too" notification

I was hoping that after a few days, the “Your friends might like Studio too” icon/notification would go away, but sadly not! I can’t see a way to turn it off in the options and it’s so distracting, not to mention taking up space in the toolbar. Does anyone know if there’s a solution for this please? This is a paid product, not shareware!

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@Jass @duyluong

I’m trying to find this to delete but cannot find the link. Can someone add to this thread? TY, S

Is this the pretty pink icon that looks like a gift wrapped up with a bow?

@grylion54 - Yes, that’s correct

Hi @gengland,

We are really sorry for your inconvenience,
We will try to reduce the occurrence of the dialog in one of the next releases.

Thanks for your feedback and Happy testing!
Nam Nguyen.