Get Katalon profile for use in test case

Is there a way to obtain the Katalon user profile of the logged in user? As we are a group running tests on different devices, some of the results might vary slightly so I wanted to create an if statement based on the user logged in to Katalon.

Hi @mohammad.arif,

To obtain the current user, you just need to run the whoami command. This command is available on both Windows and Linux.

To run a command, you could use the ProcessBuilder library. Or in this sample code, I will use an util of Katalon /=)

import com.kms.katalon.core.util.ConsoleCommandExecutor

String[] whoAmI = ["whoami"]
String theChosenOne = ConsoleCommandExecutor.runConsoleCommandAndCollectFirstResult(whoAmI)

println "\n --- "
println 'I am "' + theChosenOne + '"'
println " --- \n"