Get attribute and get text methods are not working

Hi Team,
Get attribute and get text methods are not working to me.previously it worked fine but from past 2 days on wards my scripts are not working, for get attribute method i got the null value and for get text empty value.

Chrome updated to 77 version is this the reason for that?
Please help me to come out from this issue

Please find the below Script and log Screenshots.



your XPath is extremely long - is there a chance that your UI has changed and XPath does not work anymore?

As you can see, your XPath seems to be complex !
Are you sure that’s is working (html page changed ?) ? Are you sure you table is visible ?

Personnally, i used WebUiBuiltInKeywords.getAttribute(obj,‘class’); is better to work. obj is a TestObject class. For working, be sure your element is visible (sometime not disabled) and have a focus on it [WebUiBuiltInKeywords.focus(obj);]

good luck.

@b.swathireddy95 Try updating the selector with a relative XPath.

This might help :