Get All test results of a project

Hi Folks,

I am trying to get all test results of a project, but swagger doc doesn’t show a method where we can get all test results of project.
[Swagger link: Swagger UI

I found{test_id}, but it is specific to a test_id and we need to know the exact test_id to get info.

What i am trying to achieve:

  1. To know how many tests ran under a project and percentage of successful tests in a time period among all tests that ran under a project_id
  2. Intent is to present Metrices (KPI’s): I am trying to pull data vis rest api to present data on external dashboard

Really appreciate your help
Thank you


Let me investigate more and see if can help


Sorry to come back a bit late. There will be a way to know exact test_id, but the way is not automatic. It means that you have to fill in the test_id manually. If you accept this, please follow the picture to get test_id and have admin/yourself fill in the id. My suggestion is that you can develop your external tool to have user input the test_id manually, then using the api that you found. After that, you can get the data in Json format, pass it through your external dashboard.

Hope this can work.