Forgot Password Testing

just want to ask if I can test different URL for a system. For example, the
scenario is Forgot password and I can reset it thru the link sent to my email
by the system. Is it possible to use automation testing?

sure, to use different url in allready opened (by automation) browser just use


this will navigate your browser to desired url

Thank you @Andrej Podhajský!

I’m having trouble on testing a link sent to an email. The purpose of that link is to reset a password. The cause of the error is that the link is changing every time I execute the test case. What should I do?

basicaly 2 options:
1. implement mail reader in Katalon
2. ask dev team to provide not variable link for testing purposes (e.g. based on user)

Let me rephrase my question sorry I asked it wrong.

I’m having trouble testing the email with the link, it has already recorded the email before I execute the test. And the cause of the error is that the email is changing every time I execute the test. What should I do?

put link to variable and variable to function

String forgotPwdLink = someWayToGetLink()WebUI.navigateToUrl(forgotPwdLink)