Finding difficulty in getting WindowTitle

So, there are some cases in which the Window Title is getting dynamically changed for every 1 second. Let me take you with an example website( In this there are 2 Window Title which are changing for every second. How can I get the only Window Title so that I can test in my code.


could you please explain more, which titles are changing every seconds? We need more info around that, Is the windows titles that are changing have something common between them ?

)So… To explain you with detail, If you open the Website ( ), you can see the Page’s Window Title as well as there is a Bot in that page. If there are any messages from the bot, it is also displayed in the Window Title Page only. I need to verify whether i am at the right page. Because, at one time I get like the actual Window Title and In another time I am getting ((2) new Message0 as my Window Title.


when page is opened i am able to see only one window title
“Enterprise Cloud Data Management | Informatica”

still confused with your request