Fear Factor-How long Katalon will be Free? /Can Katalon Studio handle Angular web application?

When will pricing information be available? This is absolutely necessary for further planning.


Guys, especially @discover.selenium, I’m sorry, but this thread is starting to wander off course – I’m going to close it for the time being.

Please understand:

  1. Version 7 of KS and KSE are still in beta. They are not official releases, yet. Things may change.

  2. Your questions and concerns have been raised at the highest level. “The Board” are listening. The T&C/licensing documentation are also in beta and are also being addressed.

It’s unfortunate in these days of rapid release cycles and transparency, we sometimes “see” more than we should see, perhaps. Let’s give the guys back stage time to absorb this feedback.

If you have new questions, please start a new topic. But don’t ignore this topic – repeating the questions already raised here is not cool and just gives us MODS more work to do.

Thanks everyone.


@discover.selenium and others, you will now notice that your link above (https://www.katalon.com/enterprise/) no longer refers to a comparison of KS7 and KSE7. It now only refers to KSE. The inferrence is, KS7 is being worked on. Like I said, Katalon Team are listening and the documents we have been referring to are in a state of flux since they are beta versions, also.

In my view, we should all sit tight and be patient. Hopefully, our concerns are being addressed.