Failed to recognise objects - kendo ui


I’m trying to record and playback my application built using Kendo.
But the tests are failing with unable to recognise objects.

Please find the details of the issues below

(1) Start/end time fields are not captured during recording which resulted subsequent steps to fail

Start_end_time fields (246.5 KB)

(2) Date field setting failed during playback - throws unable to set date field

Please refer the screenshots

NeerajaDate (118.0 KB)

Please PASTE your errors and example code. With upwards of 8,000 active users, I at least don’t have time to download a ZIP file, unzip it and load it up in an app just to see your info.

Please find the screenshots of code along with error message pasted below

date field error

error not setting start/end time which resulted all the other steps in the test to fail

Please READ this - ALL of it. Pay attention to point 4 and 8