exportKatalonReports: Illegal character

I had met below Illegal character issue in step exportKatalonReports which caused the test suite is exited. Even through html and csv report were generated, my test case collection stopped there.

I also click the report folder to check log file

and find lots of blank display between two record tags. Since company restriction, I cannot paste the script here.

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I found this similar thread: Getting error when exporting reports - #2 by p.kayam. Try it and let me know if you cannot make it. Thank you

Hi Elly_Tran,
That method just let me find the error row and column in execution0.log, which was already attached in my question. I can find the problem start on row 185987 and col 2 in execution0.log (3rd picture), which has lots of blank. Katalon write the execution log file, I have no idea how it works.

Edit: The problem Illegal character should be happened when Katalon read the log file, it ignore the first blank (row 185987, col 1), but not the others.


I believe that you found a bug of Katalon Studio. Only Katalon developer can debug it. Nobody else can.

Can you create a zip file which contains a complete Katalon project with which anybody can reproduce the execution0.log file with null contained? If you could, you should create an official support request to Katalon via

and attach the zip file to the support request.

Without a reproducible code provided, they might not be propmt to respond to your request.

Hi @kazurayam, thanks for your response. Unfortunately I cannot upload the project.

I suppose your project contains some sesitive information so that you say you cannot disclose it public. That’s fair enough. I understand it.

I hope you can create a new Katalon project that mimics your project. You can minimize the codes and data but try keep the “illegal character” problem reproduced. Then you would be able disclose the new tiny project public without breaking your security concern, wouldn’t you?

During the course you try to create the tiny project that reproduces the problem, I suppose you would be able to isolate some key that triggers the fault. That would be the most helpful report for the Katalon developers.

I will try to create an isolated project that reproduce the problem.

Unfortunately, I am still not able to figure out a simple project that reproduce this issue, but I found the resolution.
The error happened when I use ReportWriterUtil.generate(logFolder) to read log and write my own test report in listener file. Katalon exportKatalonReports also do the same action, which has this Illegal character error.
So I disable Katalon report from Settings → Plugins → Report.
Another method is copying log files to a tmp folder, my listener read the tmp log files.
Problem solved!