Export test case isn't working with me

Hi all, I’m trying to export a test case from the recorder but I can’t, I’ve done it before a couple of weeks ago but now I’m trying and it’s not working, I choose the test case then press export and nothing happens! Can anybody check and confirm please? (The extension is on chrome and when I opened it I saw it updated recently).


Which framework are you trying to export to? Can you provide some screenshots please. I can export the test cases on my side fine.

Sorry for the later reply I didn’t get an email that my post was approved or of your reply, the button was not working at all in my side so it didn’t give me the chance to try to export to any framework, I’ll try again and update the post.

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Hi, I’m wondering if you have some time to try it again. Ive been unable to reproduce it on Windows and Mac.