Exploratory Testing

Dear All - Does Katalon allow to do exploratory testing for a web application whereby a tester navigates through the application at random and Katalon can detect and log errors it finds ? We know eggplant does this beautifully and wanted to know if Katalon has this capabilities.

exploratory testing is usually done by a skilled manual tester.
why do you need a tool designed for automated tests for such?
simply use basic tools, a browser, whatever tools to send api requests etc

altough exploratory testing should be a must have knowledge for an AQA tester, should not be automated.

whatever you attempt to automate during exploratory, will only produce fake results.

I know nothing about the word “Exploratory testing”.

I did not know what Eggplant does. I looked at the Eggplant’s documentation

where I found:

The compare screen feature in Eggplant Functional detects changes to the layout or appearance of a screen or window in your application. This feature can alert you to changes that might affect the usability of the application or its compliance with your company’s visual guidelines.

Compare screen can also alert you about new or missing elements, which can indicate a need to add, change, or remove some of your functional tests. Compare screen does not test the functionality of your application or interact with it in any way.

Katalon’s Visual Testing seems to be something similar to Eggplant. I’m just informing you of the documentation page.

I have no experience of these tools.

it is mostly about exploring various features of a certain applicatin without having a testplan or a feature request.
it helps to find potential defects from the early stage of development, but also for further planning.
such is done manually, cannot be automated since the tester never knows what he may find and where.
some consider this to be the manual testing stage prior to create the testplan and further automate it, some consider it as extending the scope of testing.

agreed, the ‘visual testing’ term seems to be more appropiate for what the OP is looking for.