Exension pop-up problem

Just downloaded the recorder exension and installed it in my chrome. restarted my chrome and went to tray it out. A pop up whit the text:

Welcome to Katalon Recorder! Before starting your journey, please let us know how did you find the tool?

Referred by friends/colleagues.
Through Google search for an automation solution.
Through searches for Selenium IDE alternatives.

Start your journey

I pick Referred by friends/colleagues. and then click Start your journey… and nothing happens… the pop up does not react at all. I pick diffrent options and nothing ether when i click the button or enter. Now this one came highly recomended to me but i do not even seem to get to tray it out.

Im running Chrome Version 89.0.4389.128 in dark mode and Katalon Recorder (Selenium tests generator) Version 5.3.31 on a mac.

How do i even get to start in this?