Execution of Katalon Automated Tests using Jenkins Job

I have executed Katalon automated tests via Jenkins. I m not able to view the HTML report in Jenkins . It is showing blank page when clicked on HTML report option or widget present in Jenkins Dashboard. Please provide steps and provide any other solutions are available to view the report.

What is the value to be provided in HTML Directory to Archive in Jenkins configuration

Hey @Bharathibalaji.R,

I chose to archive the Junit results instead of the HTML. If you would like to try that route then add a post build step to the Jenkins job to archive Junit results and use this glob syntax to locate the Junit xml results.

glob syntax is the **.
That searches for files no matter how many folders are in between.

I included the env variable because a Test Suite Collection and a Test Suite can both have Junit_Report.xml files and if the glob doesn’t restrict the path then Jenkins will show double the test case count from loading both the individual test suite as well as the test suite collection.

I can see graphs and test results using this approach but if you have to have the HTML report then maybe someone else on the forum can assist.