errors that drag and drop function related

This is my example website.

There are some images which can rotate 2 times. [THE LATEST]

I made rotating test by using ‘drag and drop to element’.

But the problem is that small black and white circles weren’t be changed.

They are supposed to be related with the pictures above.

Is this just some kind of error? or how can I fix this?

I explored your case but unfortunately, using DnD keyword by Selenium doesn’t work on that page. We can try by using Robot but it will take a lot of effort to implement.

Please try other ways (click on the forward, backward buttons or the paginating bullet).


Edit: Fortunately, DnD to Element works if the destination is the backward or forward button (the left and the right arrow) . You can use it.

right! actually at the first time, I’d like to use this method but there is a big problem.

I don’t know how to get a x.y offset from the visible or invisible page.

Could you please let me know one more thing?

Thank you again

Using DnD to Element might not be the right choice here because users actually can drag the images in anywhere of THE LATEST section. DnD Element By Offset keyword may help you in this case.