Error when using verifyElementVisible with Continue On failure


when using verifyElementVisible for an object that is not visible, it throws an error although I specify to continue on failure. Is there a syntax issue with the line I am using? I dont want it to throw an error if the element is not visible and just go to the next statement.

if (WebUI.verifyElementVisible(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/Page_Stratocast portal - Cloud administrators/CloudAdministrators’),FailureHandling.CONTINUE_ON_FAILURE)){
KeywordUtil.markPassed(‘Cloud administrator is logged in’)
if (account != ‘Cloud administrator’) {
//switch accounts to integrator administrator
new clientAccount.ClientAccount().getRowColumnTable(account)

After doing some research, i noticed that the Continue on failure will still throw an error if the element is not visible and continue to the next block of code. Is there a way to check if an element is visible withouth throwing an error if it isnt visible? I dont want my script to fail at this point since it is possible that the element is not visible. Thanks.

If you want the test case continues running and its test result will not be affected by the verifyElementVisible keyword, please use:


Please go through our documentation for further details:

Yup thanks.