[error] SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token

How to fix the error?

i think to compare 2 strings you would need to use ===. read more here:
JavaScript String Comparison – How to Compare Strings in JS (freecodecamp.org)

Perhaps, you need 2 changes as shown in the above image.

  1. ${item} should be changed to item; no ${ and } should be there.

The symbol item here represents a variable name, which is a place to store a string value. On the other hand, ${item} should mean a reference to the value of a variable named item. These 2 are semantically quite different. I think it should be illegal to write a reference ${item} in the 3rd column “Value”. ${item} in the 3rd column should be checked out as an error.
However KR did not complain about ${item} there? Very strange behavior. This indicates that KR considered the ${item} to be a valid variable name. Very confusing. KR shouldn’t behave as this. I think that this is a bug of KR.

  1. "${item}" should be changed to ${item}; no " and " should be there.

The symbol ${item} stands for a complete string. The symbol "${item}" stands for a string enclosed by a couple of double quote characters. These 2 strings are different. The latter string is 2 bytes longer than the former.

I am not very sure here. Try leaving "${item}" as is and see.

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I guess, this message is somewhat malformatted. There must be a bug.

I guess, internally it got

""AE/LLM- ...."" == "AE/LLM- ....."

This looks syntactically odd to me.

So KR says “[error] SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token”

Yes, it is a syntactically very odd.

Though the message confuses us.

Thank @kazurayam, let me raise to our product team.


Thanks @kazurayam to suggest a great point that we should remove " " outside ${item}.

To my point of view, according to this reference: How to add If else command in recorder - #12 by zoe.lee, ${item} is right. There should be ${ } when item is a variable.


should work.

Don’t forget to put endIf to end the if statement.

Thank you!