Equivalent To Windows Immediate Window

Hi all, I am using an executeJavaScript method to pull all of the rows from a table into an array variable. I am then using a for statement to loop through this array.

What I am attempting to do is determine if there is any way to view the attributes of each row (ie. children, value, text, checked, etc…).

In VS, I use the immediate window and in Chrome I add a watch to see the values change as I step through the code.

The best that I have found in Katalon Studio is going to Debug mode, setting a break point, and then on the Variables tab, expanding this > binding > variables. However, this only shows the actual values of the variables if they are a string, long, int, etc… If the variable is an array, you can expand the value section, but that just shows the rows in the array as a list of EventFiringWebDriver$EventFiringWebElement. You can then expand each of these, but I cannot seem to find any attributes like you can in VS or Chrome.

Anyone know if this is possible in KS or an enhancement request?

Please expand on this.

Is a row a TR element?

Are you looking for contents of TD elements?

I do not know about this feature. Could you take a screenshot of the VS feature?