Encrypt DB Password in Database connection string

Hi All,
I have two questions.

  1. How to hide or encrypt database password that use in Database connection string rather use it as it is?

2 I have connected the project with Global database connection, Project → Settings → Database. Can I use the global database connection to write test execution results to the database in after test suite in the Listener? if so, how to di it?


I will defer to the experts to assist on this but could you please tell us what version of the product you are using? Thanks, S

Currently we use Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-8.5.0. Thanks!

To encrypt database password, use the below said reusable methods.

import com.kms.katalon.util.CryptoUtil as CryptoUtil

	println encryptedText("TEST")           // Output: ecg0QEv8dOk=
	println decryptedText("ecg0QEv8dOk=")   // Output: TEST

	public static String encryptedText(String text) {
		text = CryptoUtil.encode(CryptoUtil.getDefault(text))
		return text
	public static String decryptedText(String text) {
		text = CryptoUtil.decode(CryptoUtil.getDefault(text))
		return text