Edge Chromium cannot test pages in 'Internet Explorer mode

as background - business have moved from IE11 to Edge Chromium but some pages require ‘Internet Explorer Mode’ - this is apparently set by group policy to ensure that certain URLs open with the mode enabled. If the mode is not enabled, the page may malfunction or not display at all.

When I run tests in Edge, I am now prompted for a login when these pages are opened (windows dialog box). A message also appears reading “Turn off remote debugging to open this site in Internet Explorer mode. Otherwise it might not work as expected”:

If I use Edge manually and open pages, no request for login details appears.

Two issues: 1) I would ideally open site in Edge in IE mode but apparently cannot due to remote debugging
and 2) I now have a windows dialog box to somehow manage, that doesn’t exist for manual tests

Please let us know how would your work be affected if this issue has not been resolved?

  1. I can continue my job, but my performance is lower than expected

Operating System

  • Windows 10

Katalon Studio Version

7.5.2 KSE

Screenshots / Videos

  • see inline screnshot above

is there any solution for this kind of issue?

I didn’t get a response to the query. I’d probably use IEDriver for incompatible sites but luckily the numbers of those are low, for me

does it work with IE Driver using java?

This set up does not work for me
capabilities.setCapability(“ie.edgechromium”, true)
capabilities.setCapability(‘C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft/Edge/Application/msedge.exe’);

just to clarify, I never got Edge working in IE-compatibility mode, which is what my original post was about. When I need to test a site that won’t work in out-of-the-box Edge then I use IE (ie running the test in IE mode, not Edge). If it’s a newer site, I’d hope it can run in Edge with no issues. Fortunately the number of apps requiring IE is dwindling!