Dynamic Xpath handling in Web Testing

I have 11 dynamic web element to capture as below.


When find the xpath i want to click on it. How to handle this kind of dynamic xpaths in katalon?

Create a Test Object of “Attribute” type. Specify xpath selector for it as follows


Please find a placeholder ${index} in the xpath.

In you test case script, you use the test object with value to the index parameter: For example

for (int i in 9..10) {
    WebUI.verifyElementPresent(findTestObject('your test object name', ['index': i]), 10)

then the placeholder ${index} in the xpath expression will be replaced with the values : 9 or 10 runtime.

See Katalon document Parameterize Web/Moble Test Object property for official description.

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@kazurayam… Thanks for the quick solution …I’ll try with your solution…:grinning::+1: