Double click not working

“double click” step interpreted by browser as two single clicks. probably long duration between clicks,

update: wrong result in Firefox. Chrome: ok

my double click is not working in a grid table.

selector is = //div[(text() = ‘47694’ or . = ‘47694’)]

I am able to solve this by adding 0 in Project --> Settings --> Execution --> Web UI --> Delay between actions(in seconds) to 0. Previously my value is 1, so double Click didn’t work.

If there is 1 in that field, for every action 1 second delay will be there and hence double click is not working. doubleClick need to be fast in order to work. Hope this helps to someone. Thanks

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I think you should report that as a bug. A double-click from an automation API should be considered a single action, not two separate actions.

Please post a bug here:

Be certain to post your system details (OS, Katalon version, etc.)

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i also have the same issue of double click not working on selecting an item in the pop up list
please help.

WebUI.doubleClick(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/02 Account services/01 Cheque book request/01 verify whether a user can enter and search for account number/object/div_01120069940000’))

@emmanuhkipngetich Sorry, but are you sure that a div should be taking the double click? I would imagine an a, or something else. Can you go to the HTML and check if there are other elements that should be getting the click? [div_01120069940000]

for the architecture one is suppose to double click on that element so that it can take the value to a text box, say the account number selection.

Sorry again but a div is not something I would choose to be that element, and would explain why it is not working. Something else should be behind it. Have you reviewed the HTML? (On Chrome, hit F12, then right click on the element and choose Inspect.)

Did you adjust the timing of your double click as in the comment above:

yes i have adjusted the timing
find attached screenshot
kindly assist

@emmanuhkipngetich How do you identify the element; via XPath or some other means? It may be that the double click is actually working but not on the element that you want.

If you identify the element via XPath, in the code window, hit CTRL + F. Then copy and paste the element’s XPath into the search bar. To the right you should see “1 of 1” appear if the XPath is unique. If it is says something else, then that is a concern to be addressed.

Another method is you can move through the web table and then click on column 0.