DOS Command using Katalon

Hi All,

I just want to know if we can execute DOS Commands (Like FTP,Telnet) using Katalon? or can we invoke any .exe file using Katalon as we can do in UFT tool.


It is unlikely you will be able to do this, as a rule, both plug-ins (browser extensions) and JavaScript are blocked by the browser from executing any other applications.

Some plug-ins then use a stand-alone installer that they hook into to even access files on the user’s machine, but even there i’ve only seen it for grabbing and saving files, not for executing them.

hmmm… since Katalon’s engine is groovy, you can execute external commands same way as in Java. just try to look around:

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This tool provided by Katalon will actually apparently allow you to run OS commands, as long as you have this light JAVA-based server running first on your system: